Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Space ships, umbrellas and tents...

...slightly odd combination I know, but who would've thought my weekend would be filled mostly with these three objects! And these three objects would be the centre of our entertainment!!!

We had a sick lo this weekend, so being a very normal, active little boy, we have to try and keep him down a bit when ill. He's like the Eveready bunny - he just never stops going and apparently has got amazing batteries...I must find me some of those. So I got a bit creative and tried to keep him mostly more calm. But you really have to admire the amazing imaginations of these little creatures we call our children - I wish my brain was as 'uncluttered' and full of such fantastic ideas.

First we made an alien space ship - well this space ship took only 5 minutes and was so easy that in fact we made quite a couple. I have all sorts in my arts and craft box and around the house that convert to wonderful works of art:
- Glue two paper plates together
- Then glue a paper bowl on top of that
- Make an alien with a fuzzy ball and googly eyes
- Stick said alien onto the top of the bowl
- Then use an old see through plastic pot to put over the 'alien' to act as a window
Voila, alien space ship! It's so easy. Then decorate as you wish - fuzzy balls, silver paint, tin foil - anything you have really will make it into the work of art!

Next our massive golf umbrella became the play object and boy did we have fun. This lasted for some time and was amazing to just watch. Tristan opened it up and was twirling it around the garden and playing with the dogs, at some point he even created a little 'home' and him and the dogs were lying in the sunshine! You must know he's not well if he actually succumbs to a rest!!!!! His imagination just ran wild and he was in all sorts of adventures with the umbrella. Such a simple household item can become a treasured toy. Please, please though do be careful of umbrellas and little ones. I was like a hawk - there are lots of sharp bits that can hurt eyes and limbs, so please supervise accordingly.

Our other adventure was to set up base camp in his room. One of 'our' most prized gifts from granny was a kiddies tent. I just love this as does Tristan. We set up tent in the bedroom and he went and chose all his prized possessions to join us. The miracle of this was that he actually chose his pillow and blanket to join us and played quietly lying down when our adventure was drawing to a close! Each room in our house was a different country with different adventures in each and his room was our final resting place to eat, rest and regain our strength for the next adventure. We got ourselves a picnic and sat and had lunch in the great outdoors that was his bedroom looking at the mountains and the river!!!!

What a perfectly wonderful weekend - again!!!!

One of the great miracles of children is to live in their world for a while, and experience life as they see it. It really makes you realise how wonderful our world, our children and our families are. Life is really what you make it!!!! Enjoy them, they REALLY DO GROW UP TOO QUICKLY!