Thursday, May 5, 2011

Why being a mother is so awesome...

Make no mistake it can be challenging and difficult and incredibly emotional, but boy oh boy, it is one of the best things in the world. Have you ever loved a single person so much? Have you ever got so much back from a person? Have you ever had the same type of unconditional love back? Have you ever been on the verge of tears only to be hauled out of that into hysterical laughing? Have you smiled each day with love in your heart? Has anything made you so proud?

With it's ups and downs motherhood is just awesome...we are the rulers of the world (mothers of course!). As mothers day comes around, I think with sadness of my own mom who is not here anymore, but more than that I think how truly blessed I am to be able to be a mother and to have such an awesome bond with my little boy. Each journey that we take with our children, we learn something new and experience different emotions - it makes me feel quite rich.

This Mothers Day give yourself a pat on the back, feel good about yourself and most of all feel good about your child and give back...I know we do all the time, but give back to your hubby, to your mom, to your child and all that giving out will come back to you in big bounds!

Happy Mothers Day moms!