Friday, July 30, 2010

Where has the time gone...

...boy I have not written a blog for some time. Not only did my computer literally blow up, but in our household we like to share our bugs. We've been plagued by colds, flu, chicken pox, ear infections and all sorts. And each of us in the family has been bitten. For my little one, I'm not sure which time of the year is worse, winter for his chest, or summer for his allergies! The poor little thing doesn't really get a break. But we all seem like we're back on the path to wellness again and I'm back. I also have a nice brand new shiny machine that I'm typing on now, and no-one is allowed to touch! Very cool indeed.
I've been focusing on time lately as I just never seem to have enough of it...who has so I've come up with my little time saving tactics to help make things in my household run a bit smoother!
1. Bulk cook - every second weekend I do bulk cooking for the family and freeze it. Little portions for Tristan and then portions for us. It works a treat and I know we're all eating healthily as well which is really important. I did this when I was weaning Tristan as well and got the little ice cube looking containers and just froze all the fresh food for easy meals.
2. Getting dressed in the mornings - Tristan is at an age where he seems to be very fussy about what he wears, so each night we lay out his clothes for the next day that he chooses, he then can't wait to get dressed in the mornings.
3. Each evening straight after Tristan has gone to bed I get his snack ready for school and put it in the fridge. Voila, the next morning its done!
4. I try run and unpack the dishwasher each evening, and not in the morning as we always seem to be in chaos in the mornings.
5. I'm a real fusspot about having vegetables at each meal - we all need to do it, so my one luxury I allow myself is buying pre-chopped vegetables (for the more difficult ones like butternut). So for the evening meal, I'll get out my frozen meal and add a couple of fresh veg on the side. Dinner done!

Those are my top 5 time saving tips, there are more but of course I've run out of time...ha ha. I would love to hear your time saving tips!

Until next time hope you have a great weekend.